Erotic dreams are the subconscious fantasies generated during the deepest hours of sleep, like any other kind of dream. Usually, those who have an erotic component are uncontrollable, nothing wrong so far. There are some moments, stages of life,etc. that are especially prone to make us have this kind of dream, and after an intense erotic massage session  is for sure one of them.

The main objective of an erotic massage in Barcelona is not the relief of sexual needs, ie the climax of sexuality, orgasm. Its purpose is contribute to reach high levels of peace, wellness and relaxation  through the spectacular sensations and emotions generated.


Although it could occasionally happen, it is not very common that people feel negative emotions during an erotic dream, it is common to enjoy it in all its magnitude.

Every person, of course, is free discuss his or  her erotic dream. In any case, erotic dreams are something that escapes most minds. Nocturnal emissions are usually the result of these pleasant dream that comes when the mind is able to control the body causing the ejaculation on the man or leading women achieve excessive lubrication, even reaching ejaculation.

Every human being has written in its DNA the need of satisfying  their sexual desires, another different  thing is the way each one takes to make it happen. So, whether you consider it as merely a reproductive action or one of the greatest pleasures of life, it is no wonder that everyone can have erotic dreams, that happens due to the similarities of feelings and emotions during the dream are the same, or really very similar.

Erotic massages in Barcelona do not offer sexual services, so whatever your point is regarding sexuality there is no reason not to enjoy them.


These massages are ideal for anyone who needs to relax and feeling good, taking advantage of the delightful sensations that erogenous zones your own body offers. Besides erotic massage can be practised with different intensities, from the most intense and sensual, to the most subtle and reserved.

There is always an erotic massage for everyone, for all kinds of people.