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Sexy Things for Men to do in Barcelona

Tantra Massage, Live Shows and more luxury fun for Men in Barcelona

Fun comes in many varieties and for men sometimes a round of drinks with mates, football matches and time at the beach just are not enough. When it comes to thinking outside the box on how to have fun, there are plenty of sexy things for men to do in Barcelona. Things like erotic massages, live sex shows, erotic museums or swingers clubs.

Sala Bagdad

Have a memorable boys night out at Sala Bagdad, the destination for Europe’s number one live pornography show. Enjoy a range of performances by more than twenty of the best artists from around the world, including show girls, lesbian duos, live sex and audience participation. As a spectator you can even assist with unfastening a bra during a strip-tease, and more….Sala Bagdad has always been the breeding place of the Spanish pornography industry where stars make their debuts, and you and your mates can spend an evening indulging in erotic talent

Art Massage Barcelona

If tantalizing your mind and eyes with erotic performances is your idea of a fun time, broaden your happy place and try out a Tantra massage from Art Massage Barcelona. Allow yourself to unwind at the hands of a professional erotic masseuses or straight male masseurs for a truly sensual experience. A session with an attractive massage therapist will relax your body and stimulate your senses while opening up your inner energy flow. You can either book an appointment at the studio or take advantage of out-call services and have a tantric young masseuse come to your accommodation and treat your in the comforts of your environment

Erotic Museum

Welcome to the Erotic Museum, an educational and recreational centre focused on eroticism throughout history and the culture of mankind. Situated on the famed La Rambla, it is the first museum of erotic art and culture where patrons can explore the evolution of eroticism through different artistic and cultural fields of humans from anthropological, archaeological and literary points of view, and much more. Here you will see more than eight hundred historical pieces of erotic expressions of a range of cultures spanning several periods in time, from Greece and Rome to the 1920s. For hours and ticket prices visit the website


After you take a tour of erotic history and evolution, put your knowledge to the test and shop around at Kitsch, the first adult toyshop to open in Spain in 1978. Throughout the store you will find the latest toys, erotic accessories to enrich individual sexuality as well as the sexuality of couples, erotic jewelry and more than four hundred titles in books of sexuality and eroticism, erotic cosmetics and adult films. What makes Kitsch stand out as the top sex shop in Barcelona is a focus on education. There are the guided tours of the shop carried out by psychologists-sexologists, twice monthly discussions about sexuality and eroticism conducted by professionals in the field and there is even an out-call service available called The Sexologist at Home that can be requested on the website

Training Pedralbes

Members-only establishments carry a certain posh connotation and allure, and what is more infamous than the key to a swingers club in Barcelona? Training Pedralbes is the most exclusive social club in Barcelona and is one of the best clubs in Europe. This is a private club open solely to liberal couples where the theme is eroticism, curiosity, fun and most importantly respect and elegance. Single ladies are allowed inside, and single men may be accompanied by a member couple and must remain together with their hosts. Training Pedrables offers a social network and discussion forum in which liberal couples in Barcelona can meet and interact, and hosts a range of themed parties throughout the year. Pique your curiosity and find out more about this illustrious community

Barcelona is not the only city in Spain with a range of sexy activities and places for men to enjoy. Madrid also boasts plenty of provocative fun.