Outcall Masseuse Barcelona

Fun Things to do in Barcelona During Merce Festival 2018

Outcall Masseuse Barcelona

Erotic Massage in Barcelona and more fun Merce 2018

Summertime in Barcelona is never dull due to the overwhelming amount of free festivals and events that happen nearly every week. Perhaps the most anticipated street party is Merce Festival, the celebration of the Patron Saint of Barcelona, The Virgin Mary, which takes place this year 21st September to 24th September. There is fun for everyone at this grand event all day long, besides sensuality and outcall tantra massage all night long.

Correfoc – Fire Run

The fire run is a highlight event of Merce Festival marking the dance between good and evil. There are two fire runs, each taking place on the same evening at dusk – a tame version for children, and version for adults. During the run, “The Devils” parade down Via Laietana with bangers and hand held fireworks, while fire-breathing dragons roam the streets spraying crowds with flames from sparklers. Participants are known to run along with the devils and dance in their fire, but make note to wear protective clothing such as long sleeves, sunglasses and a bandana to cover your face as the sparks can bite.

Castellers – Human Towers

No Catalan festival is complete without Castellers, or Human Towers. Marvel as performers work together as a team to build a human tower by standing on each other’s shoulders and have a small child climb to the very top and stand. This unusual cultural manifestation is a genuinely Catalan tradition and each human tower is the result of universal values such as teamwork, solidarity, self-improvement and the feeling of belonging and the integration of all people regardless of origin, race and social background.

Gigantes – Giants Parade

If running with dragons sounds like fun, then wait til you see the parade of Giants. Join spectators as huge effigies of kings, queens and nobles march through the streets, towering above crowds and spinning about to display all their glory. The parade is often accompanied by percussion groups that beat out a rhythm for the giants to dance to.

Projection Show

Add some interest to your evening by taking in the projection show that happens on the facade of the town council. Watch as multi-coloured themed shows play along to music and sound effects turning city hall into a colourful extravaganza. This light show takes place every night in Plaza Jaume during the festivities.

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If you are already in the fair city of Barcelona celebrating and taking in plenty of new cultural experiences, don’t be afraid to do something to celebrate yourself and make another unique memory. Amoung the fireworks, concerts, drum-lines and giants find your happy place with a Tantra or erotic massage session by a tantric masseuse or male masseur. Unwind your mind and your body with the nurturing touch of massage and let your sensual self shine and your inner energies flow freely. You can make a session with a young sex masseuse or gay masseur to come to your accommodation or visit the center www.artmassagebarcelona.com.

Barcelona Fireworks Finale

No festival is complete without a fireworks display, and Merce Festival has a world-class show to leave you in awe. Gather with the masses in Placa d’Espana in front of the National Art Museum of Catalonia for a pyro-musical extravaganza blending fireworks with music on the final night of festivities.