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There are massages in which it is used all kind of utensils or tools to be performed with success. One of the most interesting massage center in Barcelona is that in which it is used cups, more known as cupping. It is about a type of massage that comes from the antiquity, and it is based on its therapeutic capacities in the theory of the body fluids.

According to this theory, in the body flow substances and energies that keep alive and healthy: blood, lymph, oxygen… which go from the brain to the feet, passing through the elbows, knees, heart, in short, through the whole organism. The emptiness that the cupping produces on the skin with using the cups regulates and channels this essential flow.

But, how is it performed the cupping or erotic massage Barcelona with cups? To enjoy this massage you will have to go to your closer massage center, where a male masseur or a tantric masseuse will serve you, professionals who must be perfectly qualified and trained to be able to apply such technique. It is important that in your massage center it is used crystal cups and oil to perform this massage, so in this way you will know that you are in good hands.

The massage consists basically in the application of cups which create an emptiness which sucks the skin and part of the muscle. Its immediate effect is that it opens the pores and promotes the blood and lymphatic circulation and of other essential fluids. The massage that is received before placing the cups can be of any nature, and could be enjoyed by men and women.

The idea is that all the oxygen consumes inside the crystal cups. With that aim in some massage centers it is introduced a lighted incense stick between the cup and the skin to consume it. So the cup adheres to the skin. The effect of the cup on the skin and the muscle is to create a hyperaemia, which moves the body fluids and spreads them around the whole body. The cupping is a massage technique that makes the most of the emptiness to strengthen the movement of the body fluids.

Another important application of the cups is when they are placed on the back, with the aim of favouring the working of the lungs. In this case the masseuse adheres the cup, leaves it two or three seconds and the she separates it with a fast movement. And she applied it again, once and again up to covering all the back. It is an ideal technique to release the mucus of the asthma. A massage with great benefits!