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The bed is one of the favourite places for couple to enjoy countless Couples Massage Barcelona, as from the use of sex toys up to the performance of sensual erotic erotic massage for couple Barcelona. But in some occasions, the sex in the couples needs much more; it needs to live different feelings and experiences which require not to be performed in the same environment, in this case, the room.

The house is full of corners or rooms where the person can enjoy and play ardently the sex with the couple. So, why don’t you forget to play with your couple in your bedroom and play in the shower? Water running along both bodies totally naked, and while you are caressing, hugging and touching, it can be produced countless of extraordinary feelings which surely you haven’t have the occasion to experiment it.

Enjoying a placid erotic massage  shower with the couple can be very stimulating and exciting for both, and it is that innovation in the sexual game sis a keypoint so that the flame of love, and the sex drive don’t extinguish in any moment. Running each centimetre of the skin of your naked and soaked couple with caresses, as well as soap each corner of the body can become a truly recommendable experience to introduce novelties during the sexual relations.

The feeling of freshness and the feeling of cleanness that you will feel with an erotic massage Barcelona shower together with your couple will be a memory that will be in the mind forever, and surely you will want to repeatit again. It is important that during this sensual and exciting game to use soaps or mint or eucalyptus aromatic products to expand the aroma within the aroma, as well as to purify and refresh the skin.

The most adequate thing is to create a romantic and sensual environment to enjoy your  erotic shower with your couple, so a dim light orthe use of aromatic candles, as well as listening chillout music in the background can help you to create an ideal atmosphere to enjoy a good session of sex together with a couple under the water of the shower.

The soft caresses that you provide to your partner in the shower must be like performing an erotic shower, running up to the last corner of the body. Enjoying a pleasant erotic shower is ideal to finish what it has been started in the same shower or even on the bed of bedroom. A pleasant experience to live unique and feelings withour couples massage Barcelona.

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