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Tantric massage Barcelona or Tantrism is one of the varied Oriental massage traditions that teach to use the desire as a path to personal fulfillment. Tantric massage Barcelona is a way to achieve the highest goal a human can reach, complete enlightenment, a state of lasting peace in which all obstacles obscuring the mind have been removed and all good qualities, such as wisdom , compassion and skillful means, is fully developed.

In Devanagari script is written तन्त्र. yand in Sanskrit means’ tissue ‘(and’ loom, warp, the essential part, the characteristic feature, framework, doctrine, rule “, etc..). The Tibetan equivalent, rgyud, has the sense of continuity, and since in Buddhism associated terms tantra and prabhanda, the Tibetan term can be understood in the sense of “continuity of brightness.” Available in variants Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bön. Tantric massage Barcelona in its various forms, exists in countries like Bhutan, Korea, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, and Tibet.

According to some sources, this doctrine is based on a collection of writings called Tantra which, according to tradition, came about in the sixth century BC. from Buddha’s hand. However, Ñingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism, although it claims the tantras are from the Buddha, said that they did not come to our world of Shakyamuni nirmanakaya hand, but later mahasiddhas who received the dharmakaya through sambhogakaya (of so from the Buddha to the extent that the dharmakaya and sambhogakaya are two of the “bodies” of the Buddha when Buddhahood). However, states that before the Vedas and possibly related to the Tibetan Bön and Taoism seeds that appeared in China, there were a religion and a tantric metashamanismo.

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Tantric massage Barcelona is one of the trends in contemporary Hinduism is the main practice in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

In Hinduism there is a right handed tantra and one of thelefthand, and the latter includes meditation techniques and ritualized through sexual intercourse (alsoTaoism and yoga) which are integrated with the feminine energies and male and gets the absolute pleasure, and usually we are told that the method of the righ thandis “higher”. This is not so in Buddhist Tantrism, in whichthelowertantras (betweensarmapa) orexternal (betweenñingmapa) excludeeroticunion, while the upper orinner tantras may include (and indeed some traditions say no theunion in question is impossible to attain realization).

In Buddhism, Tantrism is known as “the fast track”or “the vehicle’s result” since a  massage tantra practitioner learns to speak, feel and behave as if it were a Buddha attaine denlightenment. This  approach is radically different from other paths of yoga.

The texts containing the teachings of tantra (called Tantras) are written in symbolic key in the form of poems, which hinders their understanding without the right help. In Hinduism, often read as a dialogue in which the god Shiva answered questions from his wife Devi in the roles of teacher and pupil.

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