activities for women in barcelona

Unusual activities for Women in Barcelona

Culture, fun and Yoni Massage for Women

Barcelona is known as a go-to destination for its cultural and social scene and the city is ideal for both solo and group travellers. There is never a dull moment to be had there. For women who like to think outside the box and have some non-traditional fun, Barcelona is brimming with quirky activities to make for lasting memories. Here are some off-beat ideas for an unusual stay in this spectacular city: from labyrinths to hot air balloons, spa treats to foodie feasts and poetry brothel to a tantric massage.

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Take a picnic al fresco and lose yourself in the stunning grounds of the Parc del Laberint d’Horta, Barcelona’s oldest garden. This impressive eighteen acre garden features a labyrinth of hedges full of twists and turns. The design of the maze is based on the labyrinth built for King Minos in Greek mythology, and along the paths you will find statues of Greek gods. If you manage to successfully navigate your way through the maze, you will find a statue of Cupid, the god of desire and erotic love. Check out the official website for opening times and the location of the park at

Balloon Flight over Barcelona

If your feet get tired from walking the fascinating streets of Barcelona, it is time to move onwards and upwards.. What more exciting way to do so than in a hot air balloon? The expertly trained team at Barcelona Balloon Flight offers a variety of tours to show you the city from up above. Imagine yourself looking down at the beauty of Barcelona and all the stunning natural surroundings of the city from the tranquil comfort of a basket. For details about packages and pricing, see their website at

43 The Spa

No ladies’ day out is complete without a tranquil afternoon of luxurious pamper

ing. At 43 The Spa, located on the forty-third floor of the Hotel Arts, you can take in panoramic views of the city and sea whilst enjoying beauty treatments using Natura Bissé cosmetics, hydro massage, sauna and steam baths, and relaxation on one of two sea-view terraces. A full listing of treatments can be found at

Foodie Experience

Have you ever delighted in local cuisine and wondered how it is made? At Foodie Experience Barcelona, you can take part in a fully immersive cookery course and learn how to use fresh, organic, local and seasonal Spanish ingredients into traditional recipes. Together with your group, you will work in a spectacular gastro space and whip up five classic recipes that you get to feast on. You can book your course online at

Poetry Brothel

For those who are fond of poetry and the unconventional, saunter over to The Poetry Brothel. Originally created in New York and now also in Barcelona, it offers participants workshops and special poetry-related events. The team is comprised of poets from around the world, each with their own signature way of reading artistic, sensual and erotic poetry to you in a seductive environment. Pique your curiosity and visit their website to find out more about past events and book your next poetry reading at

Tantric Massage for Female

To complete your odyssey of unconventional fun, try the truly sensory experience of a tantric or erotic massage and improve your sex drive too! In the capable hands of a professional erotic masseuse or male masseur, you will be treated to a soothing sensual session in a tranquil environment that will stimulate both your mind and your body. Allow your energy to flow freely as your therapist uses healing touch awaken your inner self and reach pleasure peaks that you had never dreamt of. You will never forget how much you discover about your own body and sexuality. For details about yoni massage in Barcelona and workshops, see the website at