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Mornings with my real love are special for me

We have been talking with our professionals of the couples massage Barcelona to know more about how to avoid this lack of passion. The conversations about sex, sincere and open, have been the most recommended. We are going to tell you everything that we have been promised will help your relationship.

When you begin a new relationship, everything is usually going well. Passion, complicity and novelty are factors that of eroticism that help unite partners and bring them together for great fun and intimacy. But, over time, stable couples tend to lose this spark that unites them and this, unfortunately, is something that can lead to the end of a relationship.


One of the main problems that couples massage Barcelona currently have is that they lack sincere conversations. This is something that many of our clients tell our professionals when they are going to have an erotic massage Barcelona. In fact, our professionals claim that 90% of their clients come to get an erotic massage to get what they cannot get at home. This has caused us to rethink this issue and we have been talking with them about conversations as couples.


Conversations can focus on one or both partners. A conversation in which there is not only one person giving the information, but both are sharing the same information, is one of the most effective methods for starting dialogue, which is why it is also one of the most recommended.

There are different questions that can lead to a fluid and intimate conversation. These are what our erotic message professionals have recommended:

1-. How do you feel when I touch you? : This is one of the first questions we have to ask, because we need to know what kind of reaction we can expect from our partner. It is a good question to talk about and how you would like your partner to touch you in private. It is a question that both of you can answer, so that both of you know what the other likes, to have a good start in an intimate relationship.

2-. What are your favorite foreplay? : This is another question that can help couples to get to know our partner better and, on the other hand to start with foreplay that is suitable for both partners. If the foreplay is adequate, and you both like it, not only will it make your relationship better and consistent, but you will also get more enjoyment from intimacy as a couple.

3-. What would help you enjoy sex more if it includes what you like most? : Of course, the fact that you are offering your partner what they like will improve the relationship, but it is not too much to ask and see the response you get. Best of all, the answer will allow us to ask questions about the places we like to be touched, how to caress, etc.


In addition to having these conversations with our partner to recover sensuality and eroticism, there are other means that can help with these improvements. One of them is couples massage Barcelona. These massages can be done at home or at a hotel and with both partners. Not only will you be able to enjoy these great moments together, but you will also learn how to give them at home.