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When you are booking a Sensual Massage Barcelona.

What does an erotic masseuse wear during a sensual massage Barcelona?

There are many types of sensual massage Barcelona, ranging from more therapeutic to more erotic experiences. Sessions can be of progressive sensual intensity and varying durations, to suit the level of intensity of each individual or couple. Depending on the massage you choose, your erotic masseuse or male masseur may be fully dressed, semi-naked or naked.

Each technique may require slightly different clothing, depending on the type of contact you prefer. For therapeutic massages the masseuse is usually fully clothed, whereas for erotic massages they work topless or nude, so you should discuss your tastes and boundaries with the professional before the session starts. Erotic massages may include Lingam or Yoni massage where therapists can work with our without clothing, but other body-to-body techniques, such as Nuru massage and Tantric postures, require both participants to be naked.

Nuru is an ancient Japanese tradition which uses full body contact to relax your body and stimulate your libido. Once you are relaxed and ready, your masseuse will ask you to take off your clothes and then apply Nuru massage gel all over your body and her own. The gel makes your skin slippery and stimulates the blood flow. Once both your bodies are lubricated, she then uses her body to massage and stimulate you – a highly erotic massage that gives you intense sensations of pleasure. Tantric postures also make the masseuse´s naked body and caresses feel very intimate and sensual.

The physical appearance of your erotic masseuse or male masseur is very important, so they should have an attractive body and dress appropriately and elegantly. For erotic massage Barcelona, sexy clothing is a must, so they wear revealing and seductive clothes to accentuate their sensuality and heighten your experience.

Erotic Masseuse – Male Masseur – Sensual Massage Barcelona

Female masseuses wear alluring fabrics such as silk, satin, lace and Lycra that flatter their bodies. They wear sexy and delicate lingerie such as a bra and panties, or a baby doll, basque, or camisole.

Male masseurs wear figure-hugging boxer shorts and sensual clothes that define their toned and muscular bodies. Their clothes should be flexible to give them total freedom of movement whilst they are massaging you.

When you are booking a sensual massage Barcelona, you can normally choose either a female masseuse, a male masseur or two female masseuses. It is also important to consider whether you would prefer them to be fully-dressed, whether you are comfortable with them being topless, or if you prefer a totally erotic experience where your masseuse or masseuse is completely naked.