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Erotic Masseuse Barcelona – Eating right and having a relaxed body and mind does you more benefit than just being healthy. Everyone wants to have a fully satisfied life with all the luxuries, but sometimes one needs to be aided. There may be numerous prescribed medications and drugs that help and improve intimacy and performance. But we know that some of you might not want to meddle with your system by over dosing it with medicines and undergoing the harsh side effects.

Here are organic and safe ways to improve your sex life:

  • Through the awesome path of Tantra
  • Through the right foods which are more popularly known as Aphrodisiacs and
  • Through the magic touch of the hands of the best Erotic Masseuse Barcelona.


Derived from the word Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. The word Aphrodisiac has the same effect as the entity that inspired the etymology.

It may be hard to believe but yes, you can control your erotic needs and influence performance just by eating the right thing. There are certain healthy foods which help produce libido in your body which resultantly, benefit and boost up your sex life.

The answer you’re looking for to boost up your spirits might just be found in your kitchen or you may only need to make a quick trip to the grocery store. Imagine all the time and (for a few) the awkwardness it will save you. You won’t have to have “that” conversation with the pharmacist to get the right drugs for your needs.

Following are a few Aphrodisiacs that will help boost up your mood and virility:

  1. Dark Chocolate:

Along with being delicious and an instant pick-me up, chocolate is full of antioxidants. There are other sources of antioxidants, like certain fruits and vegetables but chocolates are a good and yummy source. Antioxidants are beneficial for health, anti-aging, reduce the risk of cancer and have an enhancing effect on sex drive. So get your partner a heart-shaped box of chocolatey goodness and win their love.

  1. Brazilian Nuts:

These nuts contain a chemical called Selenium, it stimulates the production of ova in women. For men, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer and boosts sperm production. You can nurture your sex health through its consumption.

  1. Oysters:

Science says that this seafood, along with being loaded with protein it is rich in zinc. Zinc is a leading libido enhancing element so if you’re trying to get in the right mood, chugging up raw oysters might be the thing.

  1. Celery:

Yes, you read it right. Celery are one of the healthiest foods, known to have negative calories but also stimulates your desires. It is a vegetable full of fiber and androsterone. It will help women to be in a fresh mood.

  1. Kiwi:

Kiwi is a delicious fruit which is loaded with vitamin C. Along with being good for health, it will help your sexual health. It increases libido and fertility. So make sure to add it in your meals if you’re trying to improve your carnal needs.

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