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male masseur barcelona


This hectic life of ours has left us incapable of enjoying most of the things that are pleasurable. For example, today even we eat food for the sake of eating food and not because we have taken out time to enjoy a candle light dinner or a lavish lunch buffet…

As a famous quote by Paulo Coelho goes:


I completely stand by the quote. Our routines and schedules have made our lives somewhat dull and boring and have made us slaves of our duties.

So today, I invite you to an off-duty chat with a male masseur arcelona Gerard. He will tell you how much he loves what he does and how much you need to add a regular massage appointment in your schedule in order to love what you do.

Me: Firstly, I would just like to put it out there that this is not a formal interview; just a random chat and you can consider me a friend.

Gerard: oh, yes totally. No worries there.

Me: So Gerard, you are a good looking young lad in the great city of Barcelona, is that what makes you so popular?

Gerard: (with a chuckle) No, or yes maybe. I am not sure because it is true people get attracted to me because of my looks but they become my regular customers for the magic I have in my hands.

Me: That’s fantastic. It is like an added bonus that you are great at what you do and you look good doing it.

Gerard: Oh yes definitely. I believe I am good at what I do not only because I am educated and well trained in erotic and tantric massage but also because I love what I do. My profession is not a just my job. I am passionate about it. The art of providing to someone and the feeling it gives to me is just indescribable.

Me: Wow, I can totally feel your love for your work just by the way you are talking about it.

Gerard: See, that is the proof. I get eager for talking about my erotic massages. Even when I receive customers or get called for outcall massage in Barcelona I take my time to talk it out will them in order to understand their needs and satisfy them to the fullest.

Me: Talking about outcall massages, you are said to be one of the most demanded man masseur around, that’s just something special.

Gerard: That is an honor seriously. I feel that as I am doing my best and putting the utmost effort in my job, it is getting recognized.

Me: That surely is. So, I believe you receive a diverse range of customers?

Gerard: Oh yes, for sure! I get men, women and couples alike. My gentle touch works for the ladies and vigorous movements for the men. I attend to both with due respect and no discrimination towards either. Massage for couples is more of a special package that contributes to the individual as well as collective needs of the couple.

Me: Such a true gentleman you seem, maybe that is the hidden secret to you being so good at your work because there may be many male masseur well trained in erotic massage in Barcelona but none have been found to be like you.

Gerard: That is just the love of my clients and customers. And I can never thank my team here at Art Massage enough for how much they have given to me. Working with these guys has been amazing.

Me: You seem to be so mesmerized about everything associated with your work.

Gerard: Oh you have no idea. It is true that I love everything about my work from my customers to my team to my actual job, just everything.

Me: Excellent! So when can I book an appointment with you?

Gerard: Oh anytime. I am an erotic massage specialist as you might know so whenever you need one I am just a booking away.

Me: Thank you so much Gerard. It was great having a one on one conversation with you. I’ll be delighted if you gained more clients due to this conversation as it will help your potential customers to learn more about you.

Gerard: My pleasure and I would like to thank you too for allowing me this opportunity to lay out a more casual side of mine for my clients in Barcelona. Looking forward to them all!

So in conclusion, my chat with erotic massage specialist male masseur Gerard was a success. I hope it compels you to book him for an erotic massage at your place and you receive the best massage ever from the best man himself. Cheers!