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Tantric Massage in Barcelona

tantric massage barcelona
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Having a tantric massage is a unique pleasant experience that not only helps relax and keep balance in your body and mind, it can lead you to one of the bests orgasms possible. One of the main  purposes of tantric massage is to heal reconnecting body and mind with pleasure.

Tantric massage offered by AMB, as  other erotic massage offered by our agency, are performed in an intimate and relaxed environment were both client and erotic masseur can reach a real connection.

Through tantric massage the therapist will to stimulate our perception and, above all, our sensitivity to these stimuli.

Tantric Massage in Barcelona helps and relax the mind, feeling every slight touch of skin.
Every little soft movement can cause a river of sensations and result in an absolute state of peace. The purpose of tantric massage is not sex. However, one of the most important  things is sexual desire, always present along the sessions.


• Reduces blood pressure.
• Regulates the heart rate.
• Lowers cortisol in our body (substance associated with stress).
• Releases endorphin.
• Increases blood circulation.

Man and woman have a different body with different needs, and of course, stimulation in each one comes from different ways, being lingam massage (for men) and yoni massage (for women) the main subdivision. In AMB we offer a wide range of erotic massages in Barcelona, both for men and women.


The male genital area is known as Tantra Lingam area, that’s where the sexual chakra is located. According to the tantric philosophy, this chakra symbolizes the union between mind, body and spirit.

Lingam massage relaxation is performed by massaging the most sensitive part of men’s body.

Before focusing on Lingam massage, usually the therapist gives a good massage to relax the rest of the body, isolating the area Lingam (it means light rod).

Lingam massage works the penis, testicles, anus and perineum, always seeking the relaxation of man, though, being an erotic massage. It can take some time reach arousal and ejaculation, especially if it is the first time you experience tantric massage.

Over time, lingam massage helps delay and even control ejaculation, leading to longer and more intense sex, with some great health benefits in most of the cases.


Yoni massage, like many other erotic massage Barcelona offered by AMB, requires an intimate and friendly atmosphere and can be preceded by a relaxing shower or bath.

Soft music, some candles and incense are also ingredients that will contribute to create the perfect connection during the yoni massage. Most women (and men) tend to relax easier if the right  atmosphere is created

An expert masseur will begin the yoni massage by spilling oil or lubricant on the mound of the Yoni, massaging smoothly. With slow soft movements all along labia, inner labia, clitoris and finally the G spot. The orgasm is not the objective, but most women reach it when having this massage.

If you want to shake your body and travel to a new level of pleasure and relax you can contact us. Whatever the kind of tantric massage you are interested in, you will find it in our massage agency.

In the next article we will talk about celebrations and erotic massage.