erotic massage holidays barcelona


erotic massage barcelona

Few days ago we had an email from a couple of customers one week before requested our erotic massage Barcelona, in that mail they wanted to thank us for the great experienced they lived. We were really pleased to read that mail, and asked them if they would tell us about how they experienced it… this is what they sent us:

After our delightful holidays in Barcelona, we decided to have a relaxing and sensual time just for us.  We opted for an erotic massage with Mery.  Such kind of massage is relaxing and sensual at the same time, towards the end of the session there is a long tease where one is encouraged to postpone ejaculation… or not. Mery, our friendly erotic masseuse Barcelona put us at ease with her presence and charisma.  She even taught us a can teach you a few control techniques.

We were both hopeful and confident about the masseuse’s tactic. She would concentrate on creating an experience, in which our sensual feels would be fully explored. It would start slowly, unfolding gradually and naturally. Even though were apprehensive at first, she was on time and started our meeting with a conversation accompanied with wine to dispel any worries we had.


We were given beautiful robes and slippers before going to the bubble bath, filled with rose petals. We chatted casually as she relaxed our bodies, rubbing our legs, our feet and inner thighs. Sometimes her  hand would drift tantalizingly near my partners  mound.  We were amazed at how the erotic masseuse Barcelona easily and effortlessly played with our bodies. We left the water taken to the massage parlour, where we were politely told to lie face down upon the table, heads on fresh towel s and firm pillows.


To start the erotic massage Barcelona the guide smeared oil on our bodies. My guide’s hands pressed my back and sides as my partner watched .We found ourselves yearning for more. How rich and experienced she was to realize all that we needed was to relax and relish the ecstasy of her delicate touch.  Occasionally, I would help the erotic masseuse Barcelona with the massage.

At this point, her fingers had explored the intimate parts of our bodies. We were in her hands, literally, allowing full access to wherever these spontaneous and talented fingers were being led.

We were exhausted and invigorated all at the same time. That night, we slept peacefully, awaking the next day with a feeling of clarity and creativity that can be felt body and soul are cleansed. The erotic massage has been very important for us because after our holidays visiting the city of Barcelona, our emotional support developed and we created much stronger healthy relationship boundaries. We took time and understood what we wanted and how to fulfill them.  Our trust was regained and feelings validated.  Most of all we were sexually fell in love all over again

Erotic massage in Barcelona is a practice that addresses the total needs of the body through it’s rhythm and purpose. We learnt to enjoy this energy, to ride its waves and to experience each other anew.  This unique encounter inspired our love life together and gave us a new experience of satisfaction and happiness and satisfaction.

Living out your sexuality is way beyond satisfying basic needs: it is being intimate, growing together, connecting love and lust, recognizing perfection in the other person.  Treat yourself to this lasting experience of tapping into an inexhaustible source of “renewable” energy together.  The experience our eyes and my bodies new level of being and it the experience changed us.

We will be back at the Ciutat Comtal, and we will contact Art Massage Barcelona for sure.

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