erotic massage barcelona

Close up of sensual young cuple relaxing in bed

Erotic massage is one of the most effective way to find new erogenous zones on female body. You get the proper stimulation from the hands of your couple or you could hire an erotic massage Barcelona like the ones we offer in our agency.

Whether the massage is performed with your couple or if you hire the services of a male masseur Barcelona specialized in tantric and erotic massage techniques, the objective remains the same: the sexual stimulation of women through caresses and smooth touch.


Although most women share common primary erogenous zones as the clitoris or vagina, there are many other areas of stimulation in which the pleasure depends largely on the number of nerve endings in every girl. Every woman has a different sensitivity and this will also may change depending on mood state of mind, timing and many other factors, that is why our erotic male masseur Barcelona give so much effort to create the perfect intimate environment to stimulate all erogenous zones of our  female customers.


Although one has had just a few sex partners in his life, every man knows that every woman is different. Not only her personality or clothing preferences but also for her erogenous zones.

Obviously clitoral stimulation by caressing with tongue and fingertips will shake the body of your girl, just as it will at the contact of G point in the vagina. However, beyond those primary erogenous zones, there is a real universe of erogenous zones in the body of a woman.

For a male masseur Barcelona with experience in erotic massage it will not be difficult to find these erogenous zones during the first session of massage, the amount of nerve endings will depend on each body, genetic and sensitivity, that is why he will focus on the perception of stimuli produced by the body of women in varying degrees, movements, and stimulation areas.

Secondary erogenous zones are often found in the labia, pubis, buttocks, anus, nipples or at the entrance of the vagina and usually are common in most women. However, what is different in every girl is the degree of intensity and reactions that an expert male masseur can help you to achieve compared to an amateur. There are instead other erogenous zones that are unique to each woman, whith acquired or innate sensitivity: neck, earlobe, back, feet …

For those women who want to discover and stimulate new erogenous zones we propose the hiring of our erotic massage Barcelona. Any of our athletic and willing male masseurs, will find the path in your body to new pleasure areas.