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Tantric Massage Barcelona – Female Multiple Orgasms and Male Multiple Orgasms

Can both women and men be multiorgasmic? Curiosities about female multiple orgasms and male multiple orgasms. Contrary to popular belief, it is also possible for both women and men to have multiple orgasms. Being multiorgasmic is widely considered to be a female experience, but some men are also capable of having more than one orgasm during sex. There has been remarkably little scientific study to date about men multiple orgasms, but it is estimated that under 10% of men in their 20s and under 7% of men over the age of 30 are multiorgasmic. However, with time and patience, both men and women multiple orgasms can train themselves to have multiple orgasms in a tantric massage Barcelona or erotic massage.

The key to multiple orgasms is the refractory or ‘reloading’ period. During sex, the refractory period refers to the recovery phase after ejaculation during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have another orgasm. This phase begins just after ejaculation and lasts until the excitement phase starts over again (typically between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on your age).

Yoni Massage Barcelona – Women can be multiorgasmic

Yoni Massage Barcelona is a perfect way for a woman to experience multiple orgasms”. Female orgasms generally do not have a refractory period, i.e. women’s bodies do not need a break between orgasms, although they may need a time to become sexually excited again. Women can be multiorgasmic, because they are theoretically capable of multiple orgasms given the right stimulation and emotional connection. Some have orgasms just seconds apart, whilst others may be several minutes apart.

Lingam Massage Barcelona – Men can be multiorgasmic

Lingam Massage Barcelona can help men to control ejaculation and experience multiple orgasmss. Male orgasms are traditionally thought to be linked with ejaculation, but men can also experience orgasm without ejaculation, or vice versa. Normally men experience an orgasm when they ejaculate, but they can also climax both before and after releasing semen. In order to experience multiple orgasms, men can learn to eliminate the refractory period by separating ejaculation from orgasm. So men can be multiorgasmic, and there are two kinds of male multiple orgasms: Sporadic (with intervals of several minutes) and Condensed (with intervals ranging from a few seconds to a couple of minutes).

There are many ways to learn how to get near to the point of climax, on your own or with a partner. In Tantric sex, semen is considered to be the ‘elixir of life’, ergo when a man ejaculates he loses his energy. However, if he can learn to experience a non-ejaculatory orgasm, or ‘dry orgasm’ as it is known in Eastern sexual practices, he can experience more than one. Dry orgasms can be experienced before or after an ejaculatory orgasm, and this is a practice that can be learned during an erotic massage and tantric massages.

Tantric Massage Barcelona – Erotic Masseuse Barcelona – Male Masseur

Practices such as Tantric massage Barcelona performed by an erotic masseuse Barcelona or male masseur, Tantric sex, Taoism, Yoga and Kegel exercises can teach you to relax, breathe and focus on strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle on the floor of the pelvic area, which is responsible for ejaculation. Over time you can learn to get closer and closer to climaxing without losing control. Eventually you learn to orgasm without losing your state of arousal.

Having control over your own sexuality can greatly improve both your personal and sexual self-confidence and can revolutionize your sex life. Ultimately, the key to full sexual enjoyment is self-knowledge, requiring study, time and patience.