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Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with a great variety of luxury leisure offers for couples. Both for residents and for those couples who decide to visit the Catalan coast during the summer months, and couples massage Barcelona is one of those entertainment options that are being more and more demanded.


Taking a trip or couple’s getaway always opens a wider range of possibilities itinerary and activities can change and become more spicy and challenging. Erotic massage Barcelona has been gaining popularity during the last years, the demand for such services is maintained throughout the year, but in summer months it grows much more. Erotic massage can bring relax and excitement equally to both members of the couple, leaving in them great feelings of shared pleasure.

One day, one afternoon … no matter the moment you may want to enjoy the most relaxing and sensual side of Barcelona. We recommend you to spend a day with your couple in a very special way, without prejudice but, with so much passion.

  • Why not to start the day basking in Aire de Barcelona, ​​a magnificent complex specifically designed to relax body and mind in which you find the most diverse and innovative treatments in a fabulous environment. You will feel there your passion begin to sprout, feeling that will only increase if you follow our advice.
  • The cuisine of Barcelona is extraordinary, but from our erotic massage agency in Barcelona we recommend you to look for a more intimate restaurant, a place where the hustle leave room to silence, the knowing glances, passion … One of the restaurants that has all this and more is Wagokoro, but we are sure it will be easy for your couple to find many other restaurants with such intimacy. An unforgettable dinner for your senses, waiting for something else?
  • The best ending for such special day, an erotic couple massage.


If you want to live an unforgettable experience couple massage Barcelona is an option with growing demand among young and not so young couples; a world full of new and pleasant sensations in the company of the person you love.

Our erotic massage Agency in Barcelona counts with the best erotic masseuses and masseurs withe wide experience in the special treatment and massage for couples.

Regardless of the male masseur Barcelona or erotic masseuse Barcelona who choose they will attend your demands with care and passion creating a kind and sensual atmosphere.

Let the expert hands of our therapists relax, heal and turn on your bodies, share a unique experience, synchronize body and mind.

The couple massage is trendy nowadays. If you want to experience new and stronger feelings with the person you love, try erotic massage. Put your bodies at the service of one of our erotic masseuses and masseurs; you will not forget it.

couples massage barcelona
couple in spa