Tantric massage, Massages with hot stones

by Admin 17-02-2016
Tantric massage

Tantric massage with hot stones

Tantric massage, the shiatsu is a discipline of several oriental therapies which have been recovered and recollected in Japan to keep the balance and good health of the body and mind, as the connection between both of them is essential.

These therapeutic disciplines that go from pressing the key points of the body to be able to regulate its canalization and balance them with the rest up to the treatment of massages and postures to treat the back ache, migraine, neck injuries and stiff neck, reduced mobility, menstrual pain, digestive problems, the symptoms of asthma, the sport injuries, clinic depression and, many other ills that are daily suffered and that could be calmed with the application of these ancient therapies.

It is a renowned technique like school and applied in medicine, as Japan is regulated by the same Ministry of Health, having countless of schools the country of the rising sun and even having several schools in all Europe, six of them in Spain.

In Barcelona you can find centers specialised in oriental techniques of massages and relaxation in which shiatsu techniques will be applied on you so that you could set aside the daily produced by the routine and hurries of the day after day, calm down the pains and muscular loads and get that your body works again like a clock.

The massage center Barcelona has massages of all kind, specialised and exclusive for men or women, in which you could try a tantric massage like an erotic massage, choosing your tantric massage or your erotic masseuse.

The erotic and tantric massages are ideal to enjoy again a healthy and vigorous sexual life, as they stimulate the key points of the body to delay the appearance of the premature ejaculation, election problems and even their use favour the knowledge of your own body, making you a better expert of it and knowing how to use it better to please your couple in your sexual relations.

If you have a stressing lifestyle, you feel that the routine is killing your life, you feel tired or you don’t enjoy your sexual life you would want, the best gift you could make yourself and to your couple or in your future relations it will be a massage in your massage centre Barcelona; you have it close to you, both for men and women, both with a tantric massage and with an erotic masseuse you could control better your body and enjoy it.