The magic of touch

Couple erotic massage: The Magic of Touch

by Admin 24-10-2016
We are in a society that with the stress and day to day routines that give us less time with our partners as a couple and family. In many cases, we cannot change our routines, but we want to be able to improve the quality of our loved ones. In this case, we are going to talk about the benefits touches...
Fitsex and much more in Barcelona

Fitsex and much more with your Couple

by Admin 17-10-2016
Time at work and the schedules that we have in our daily life, as well as other obligations that we have do not allow us to spend much time as a couple. Something that needs to be solved if we want a healthy relationship and have more time to spend together. In this case, we are going to talk about some...
 7 ways to relax at any time

7 ways to relax at any time

by Admin 19-09-2016
We cannot deny that the daily life that we usually have causes a lot of stress in our lives. Stress is one of the major problems that we have in our society, as many of the health’s problems that we suffer are due to it. However, and if we really want to end with the stress and have a better life,...
Meri, one of the best erotic masseuses in Barcelona

Interviewing Meri: the best erotic massage Barcelona

by Admin 12-09-2016
Interviewing Meri has been of the most interesting interviews that we have ever had. And, it is due to the personality and the way of being of this amazing woman. If you really want to know more about here, this interview will offer you all the secrets of her and, you will easily understand, why she...
New goals  in September

September: Month for erotic massages and other new health’s objectives

by Admin 05-09-2016
September is a month in which routine comes back to our life: kids are back at school again, and most of us have ended with our holidays.  However, it is a month in which a lot of people think again about their health and what can they do to improve it: after summer, most of us think about heading...
Knowing a bit more about Cristian

Interviewing Cristian, male masseur in Barcelona

by Admin 25-08-2016
  You might have experienced the tantric massage, which gives an erotic feel to the body. Erotic massage  provides relaxation, pleasure, and wellness to the right spots of the body. It might be your perfect way to release tension and in the present age, the services are available for couples,...
The best erotic massage during our holidays in Barcelona

Erotic Massage on holydays, relaxation and sensuality

by Admin 18-08-2016
Few days ago we had an email from a couple of customers one week before requested our erotic massage services in Barcelona, in that mail they wanted to thank us for the great experienced they lived. We were really pleased to read that mail, and asked them if they would tell us about how they experienced...
Erotic massage for women

The benefits of erotic massages for women

by Admin 12-08-2016
Known to be highly sought after by men, erotic massages in Barcelona have also grown to become popular among women. The high demand for the massages can be attributed to the numerous benefits they offer. Not only do erotic massages provide the ideal way to relax, but also you are assured of learning...
Erogenous Zones

Discover your erogenous zones with erotic massage

by Admin 05-08-2016
  Erotic massage is one of the most effective way to find new erogenous zones on female body. You get the proper stimulation from the hands of your couple or you could hire an erotic massage in Barcelona like the ones we offer in our agency. Whether the massage is performed with your couple or...
Couple massage in Barcelona

An evening with your couple in Barcelona

by Admin 28-07-2016
  Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with a great variety of luxury leisure offers for couples. Both for residents and for those couples who decide to visit the Catalan coast during the summer months, and couple massage in Barcelona is one of those entertainment options that are being more and more...